Wednesday, May 7, 2014
If I fall

Thursday, February 7, 2013 - 5:23 p.m.

It happened during a period of delirium believe me at the edge of an immense chasm, extractor fan surrounded by dizziness. My fall seemed inevitable, a multitude of people going to get sucked, ready to fall, pushing, pushing without purpose, unable to restrain themselves, brought there by a greater strenght than their combined masses, could not be arrested . A sort of giant bulldozer raked in fact all this world to the precipice. No one had wanted to fall, that's when the idea came. If the gulf could swallow us one by one he would have less power if we fall all related to each other. If given a large piece of meat to a ravenous beast even incredibly, fierce and sharp teeth, it can stifle to swallow too much or if it has already swallowed part and it can not be divided and sticks that which is not yet in her throat, she missed air sooner or later, even a chasm needs to breathe to stay alive.

If I fall you fall, if you fall I fall

Thereby linked, if I fell, all fell, if one fell, we all would follow. It's not me it was saved but all through my own link. If I fall you fall, if you fall I fall. Weaving my links is a measure of survival, if one day the gulf tries again to suck me or if someone pushes me, a chain reaction will do that whatever happens my links prevent the fall. Perhaps that it is the way to goes kill the gulf.

If you fall I fall, if I fall you fall

myriam eyann

Those links open french pages.
I'll try to find more in english

Here are two versions of the prayer of St. Augustine

Controversy abour the origine of the text that is attributed to Charles Peguy  ( official site )

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