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The wrath of Galatea

Sunday 1st February 2015 - 24:37, at the mill

It happened to me to dream for several days that the world was emptied, leaving me alone in the streets, in the cities, left to myself but free from all, literally everything, as in 28 days later the Danny Boyle’s film, I am Legend from Francis Lawrence, or other end of the world experiences in solitary. I dreamed of it before seeing these movies, long before, is to say how the knowledge of their achievement came as a relief, a deliverance, one feels less alone by sharing his own fantasies, and discover that those of the end of the world is not my privilege has been a soft shudder.

As a teenager, living dead movies terrorized me. Driven into a movie by a fan girl, the only one seen caused me nightmares for years. As if by chance, my oldest son, since his teens, is passionate about living death filmography, and as with any passion we want to share, over the years, he explained everything to me. Romero necessarily, the aesthetic gore, the distance, nothing in these films is real that what makes them terribly interesting.
Watching him laugh of the special effects, horror became light and outlet. After several films, when we begin to understand what is at stake here, we go back. Horror movies usually stress me too much, but the Undead class this is great.

During my zombie discoveries, identify myself to the survivors has evolved my imaginary capacity on possible apocalyptic skills. The Walking Dead, American TV series that features a survivivors epic's into zombie mid, for all fans of living dead, it is like an exceptional vintage for wine lovers, a giant laboratory, a mental workshop unlimited in size, what would I do if I was with this group, if I had to fight with machete or knife, surrounded, what I decide to survive, what would I want?
Why survive if it is only to continue to survive? When one have saved his skin 6424 times, watching the zombie number 10931 eating the small bowel of the 5847 victim, do we live by automatism or for better days?  No one can only know, so have a good imagination.

For a month, with the recovery of my nurses tours, comings and goings in the heart of the forest of Fontainebleau, between each patient, between two homes, provide an opportunity to daydreams never ending. The Walking Dead has boosted my adrenaline and give to my crossing a magical dimension - in this series the characters are wandering continuously around trees, bushes, always a forest in the legs. At night, on my way, trees silhouettes no longer sleep.

Appear, disappear, end of the world or creation, I thought I was a magician trying to get out the rabbit hat. And then the idea that being the hat rabbit was also within my reach began to settle. After all, the reason for living of a rabbit in a hat is that a wizard makes it appear.
I now believe, truly, it is about concentration, organization, technical and training, of many training. One can become the rabbit in the hat too, provided a solid prerequisites prestidigitation. Throughout the day, this hat history accompanied me. From rabbit point of view, why decide to appear ? Any reward, love, trust, hope of an existence or a recognition, the glory or other dream? The question seemed impossible to solve.
The magic is capricious, when it is found, but the magic ingredient is magic. Disappear is nothing but appear, you must have had this feeling at least once, being born of a desire.
The end of the world, one imagines a long time, we think to cross it from time to time but in the end we never encounter. On the contratry, by dint of making the world disappear, you end up re-create, such as Pygmalion carving Galatea. Originally, the purpose of Pygmalion is to flee women and their desires, he locks himself in his workshop and does what he knows. Beneath his fingers, in his own way, he found what he wanted to make disappear. Pygmalion has so much fantasized the existence of Galatea that he has invented her. It happens sometimes, hat, rabbit, and the wizard. By losing its path, magic is tested.

Sometimes you have to shift the gaze to see something else. That's what I thought one evening of full moon coming back from tour, scanning the perfectly round moon that lit the campaign. If we look at as it shines, if this is that glint that we feels, we can even imagine the sun which transforms it. I thought A full moon set, in fact, for real, it's a flash of sun we look at. Immediately, the world becomes different.

Norman Reedus, the actor who plays Daryl in the Walking Dead series says : I've always said it's interesting to watch devil's cry when angels wants to stab you in the back.
An image of double face came back to my memory, a cartoon monster who terrorized me small. On one side a beautiful head, a young gorgeous woman, gentle and loved. On the other an atrophied face, the symbol of horror, particularly difficult to watch, and quite unhealthy with that, nasty, embittered.
I did not understand  well, the right person seemed trapped in the wrong, or the reverse. It was twins, the first sister was the only one to love and support the second, she spoke to her and consoled, hid her, protected her since the premature death of the mother. The father had been sidelined from a mystery that concerned them both.
In the end, he murders the wicked. Ignoring the secret, destroy the thing he brought forth was the only solution in his eyes, he wanted to release him and his good girl of this fury poisoning their existence, he did not realized he would kill them both Siamese twins once. It was unsolvable anyway, no doubt.

If I were the rabbit and that the magician is not decided to make me appear, or if his arguments to get me out of the hat failed to convince me, tired of war, sitting on the brim of the hat, I will intone the lyrics of this Tom Waits song  to show him that my existence, ultimately, does not depend on his will, You haven’t looked at me that way in years. If I were Galatea I address myself to God of love, the God creator, or to any entity that could have created me, You dreamed me up and left me here. If I was Love in person I would pronounce the same sentences for the chosen of my heart, my soul mate who hides away from me as ugly, as beautiful he is, How long was I dreaming for. If I was any Illusion What was if you wanted me for, an unfinished Dream You haven’t looked at me that way in years, a disappointed and irascible Hope Your watch has stopped and the pound is clear, or the Trust disembodied to be  invest only on proof of his solvency, Someone turned the light back on, and if I became dead alive I will sing this song to Life before going devour the fresh impulse of my unaffected fellows, I love you till all time is gone, the voice hoarse from screaming jailed, or years, excesses, tiredness, shoulders limp,  vanity swallowed, You haven’t looked at me that way in years, I would end up telling him, But I’m still here.

Good feelings, well thinking, honesty, kindness, from cloud to cloud against the God or corpse's guzzlers we don’t easily beats, by dint of believe them disarmed one forgets their double face, unseen anyway, no doubt. God specialist in love and corpse's guzzlers who like the compassion, invest into the flesh of the victim, their feast is perverse by definition. After what I have said of Hell, having been created by the Devil seems likely, at worst he will be himself, perhaps an angel is hidden into, if he betrays me I would too. In the end, anyway, all the dead will be dead.
Appear, disappear, hat outflows, finally, away from the God and his ambitions, I went to dance at Gloria Gaynor, Oh as long as I know how to love I know I'll stay alive, on the shoulders of Galatea angry, D'you think I'd break down and die? Oh no not I, I will survive, Love and Life in the pocket, I've got all my life to live, I've got all my love to give, surrounded by Trust, Hope and Dreams, now I hold my head up high, and all my Illusions, aged sure, but undamaged, And you'll see me, somebody new.

And I'll survive, I will survive, I will survive

myriam eyann

Track list

Tom Waits (still and always fan !)
I'm Still here, co-authored with Kathleen Brennan (2002), album Alice

Gloria Gaynor,performed I Will Survive, written by Freddie Perren and Dino Fekaris, 1978

About living dead (in order to appearance !)

28 days later , british film directed by Danny Boyle, 2002

I am Legend, american film directed by Francis Lawrence, 2007, based on a novel by Richard Matheson (1954)

George Andrew Romero american canadian film director, the father of the living dead filmography

The Walking Dead, american TV series developed by Frank Darabont, based on the comic book series of the same name by Robert KirkmanTony Moore, and Charlie Adlard, since 2010 on AMC

Norman Reedus, actor and also producer and photographer 
I notified the sentence I quoted on his website Big Bald Head where to see other part of his work


On Pygmalion and Galatea
here paint by Jean Léon Gérôme (1824 - 1904)

This picture come from an anthology of comics, undated.
The designer of the extract which I reproduce is unfortunately not quoted

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