Wednesday, November 5, 2014
Risen up for words
Saturday, October 25, 2014 - 21h00 - In my cave, at the mill

What is under the words is very brittle and very strong without this being a contradiction, what  hides ensure not being found even if it does not hide through weakness. There is a veil which you may tear a little in some cases, with great care.

In a sentence there would be a hatch, you would read a word and suddenly you would be elsewhere, in the same sentence and at the same time in another, hidden inside, an audible B-side without changing the track, you would see the engraved furrows on the other side of the disc, you would know read backwards, in addition to being able to read the right way. There would be a different world, where people tell other lives without fear, access would be inaccessible to malevolence.

You should read with excessive slowness, play back again on the phrases several times in succession, listen beneath the words, lift them one by one slowly and redeposit them gently after to be sure to find them if you wanted to see again below - if doesn’t remember very well or because it’s irresistible - without make them flee, without scaring them.

Raise the words to see what is below is not one of my inventions, there are specialists of risen-up-for-words. The words you raise are never yours - the goal of risen-up-for-words being the sharing and discovery of others - so you raise the words specifically to see he or she who is hiding underneath. Any notion of voyeurism, exhibitionism, perversity, manipulation, is displaced here, since by nature I repeat, there is no malice in listeners of  words.

Maybe we raised the words because it is the only way to access to what is absent. To go under the words you have to take time off, you become yourself away. Maybe we raised the words because of the absence. Under the words there would be the presences of the absent, all the absent could meet there and recognize themselves.

If that was true, we could be absent together, evolve under the words, live there.

The absence would be like a homeland. In the absence you are somewhat invisible, but the inhabitants of the absence would cross each other without really meet. After a moment, however, by chance, you would make a true encounter, a real meeting. The presence of chance is pure supposition. In my opinion, there is no more random in the absence that is precisely where it disappears. You are not absent because of  or due to the chance, perhaps even you are missing in spite of yourself, or because random has forgotten you.

I'm not a specialist in the risen-up-for-words, say I'm an expert on the absence would be pretentious, and then I prefer not to be specialized at all, even if it annoys people who love the clearly stated commitments and don’t include step that we can go in all directions, even less you claim this. To go in every sense is my resource, my functioning and my identity, which implies a method of rigorous research and evacuate any versatility, the only way to make sense is to seek for it everywhere, there is no direction that can be prohibit in this case. To find a meaning, a true meaning to what surrounds us, no track can be overlooked. The systematic exploration of the sense would be my specialty, explore them all, one by one, in order to eliminate in as and when, and in the end to find the right.

In the world of specialties, number of individuals get smaller. For example, cyto-anatomical pathologists specialists of the glandular epithelial cells of the buccal mucosa follow the same congresses and meet there year after year, see themselves to share interesting information between the conference and talk about the evolution of cells and their pathologies. Similarly, the specialists of absence, of meaning research and risen-up-for-words, meet themselves before looking to each other. Dint of looking under the words, they raise the words of the encounter.

Sentences under sentences show you are part from the imagination of someone else. You would exist because that person imagine you,  you would have appeared in his words, apart from these, logically, you would disappear. Beneath the words of this unique person, you will understand how to fix what doesn’t work, in the same way that you read a guide, a personal recipe book. You would kept his words close permanently, in case of need, you couldn’t live without these phrases.

We always would have a little fear of being caught, or not be in agreement, don't  understand each other, or don’t finally meet for real. The time to get used to no longer be alone, you would ask youself  full of very complicated and unnecessary questions, like all the absents. Normally the absent person never meet anybody for real, and are accompanied by a multitude of people for false. It would require a transition time, so that the presence tames the absence.

The risen-up-for-words, the absence, the meaning research, are rather dangerous activities, like spying, skydiving, or madness. The regions crossed require personal energy reserves in abundance, adaptive capacity, responsiveness, attributes and guarantees, and even empathy, making  give up any unfit individual.

Perhaps a risen-up-man-for-words can also be risen-up-man-for-lines. Someone who has the ability to see under the lines an anonymous pencil, movement and its intention, the thoughts that went with the gesture at the time of the draw. A real gesture hides nothing, like a real sentence. To join this true gesture, reach or see it, the absence would be required again. Can a gesture may be present and absent?

Afterwards by dint to rise up words and their phrases, lines beneath the drawings, perhaps the risen-up-man-for-words become able to raise anything, speech and sentence in real, true gestures which can be seen, any creation, any transmission, a book, movie, music, painting. Perhaps the risen-up-man-for-words raise everything, issues, curtain corners, skirts, crowds, doubts.

At the end, probably, we wouldn't really know anymore what is important, what was found under the words, lines or music, what is truly expressed, without the need to lift something or another. We will stop rise up all these things as frequently because it would become absurd, we would not believe anymore that what was below was a so important treasure.

One day perhaps we would have a bit fed up of being absent, even without knowing well what can replace this absence. We would be absent from the absence to regain the presences. It would be enough to approach, say hello or anything so as not seem completely stupid. Maybe it would not work because we have been away too long, we're too old, carrots are cooked, it’s too late, the rythm isn’t good, the time inappropriate. But maybe it would work.

In my opinion, a former inhabitant of absence that got away, always keep something incorrigible which remains attached to it, an accent, fads, a way of not listening and listening anyway, capacity to escape, somehow. You accept to leave the absence when you know you will find it wherever it may be, in any condition, any state and shape.

The presence and the absence are like two sides of a mirror. Being an existing missing or a lost presence, forever, it seems like it's the same. Is someone who is present without being there is better than someone who is no longer here but who fills all? When the random is distracted, sometimes, when he no longer pays attention, one can live with both the presence and absence.

I have risen up my words without shame, no risk I down my pants, no risk of malevolence if a risen-up-man-for-words was there.

myriam eyann

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