Sunday, September 21, 2014
The eleventh question
Saturday, September 13, 2014 - 9:03 p.m. - the mill

1 - Can dreams overcome the reality or does the reality inevitably unmask them?

2 - Should we prove the value of a dream, its effectiveness, its future profitability, its cost, what it will bring for that reality adopts it and embodies it?

3 - What makes the difference, at the instant when we dream, between the one that will come true and another which we finally decide it was not worth it, and that we will get rid?

4- Does some people don’t have the need to achieve their dreams, and for this reason - for this reason alone and not for the defective quality or lower intensity of unrealized dreams - do not seek to materialize them?

5 - Does some dreams of certain persons are more valuable than others?

6 - Is there useless dreams, beasts, wicked or that weaken, that should not been realized or which are worthless and even that annoy because they never become real, and on the contrary dreams that make go further, motivate, restore confidence, dreams to drop and dreams to keep?

7 - Does the dreams that come true, if dreams come true, be good dreams and those who don’t realize would be the bad?

8 - From the moment when a dream is a good dream can you have confidence that you will see it born one day, as if it was predestined that this dream see the light because it is right?

9 - When  we include a person in our own dream and the dream depends on his presence, can he be replaced if he disappears by another person who would play the same role?

10 - Does a dream have to be honest or can it lie or cheat, does it tells stories?

12 - Does dreams refuse to evolve if you don’t realize them?

13 - Are there normal dreams and sick dreams that need to be heal, dreams that don’t function well, or not at all nevertheless without being nightmares, handicapped dreams, wobbly, pathological dreams ?

14 - Is there people who want their nightmares come true?

15 – Does dreamers have more chance to see their dream come true because they often dream or are they so few pragmatic that they can rarely see the result?

16 - Is there smalls dreams and big ones, trifling and thrilling, some that deserve success, sharing, being disclosed, others that needs shade and hiding places, some tiny and giants, imposing pachyderms and delicate laces?

17 - Does some people never dream, have never dreamed, no longer dream, dream badly or even trying with a lot of good will do not succeed?

18 - Can we dwell the dream of someone else, or dream instead of someone and make enter him into our own self dream, if he agrees, or invite ourselves in a dream that is not yours if you are tired of dreaming or if like to question 13, you have a weird dream that needs support?

19 - Is a dream harmless and kind, or can it be manipulative, hurt while one believe it reassuring, can a dream be immoral?

20 - Is there dirty dreams, ugly, shaggy, unshaven, poorly dressed, misplaced, is it the way how you uses them that dirties ?

21 - Where is the eleventh question?

22 – Does speak of a dream exhausts its energy, so it will be more difficult to achieve, does a great dream
should remain secret?

23 - Does some dreams be solitary, as there would be collective dreams?

24 - Is the love of dreams  the same as the one which appears in real life, can we share a dream of love and make it concrete, meet the person of his dream of love is it only a legend for children?

25 - What is the purpose of dreams if they don’t realize?

26 - Are there dreams wildest than the others, dreams more able to  lives, dreams to give up, reasonable dreams, achievable dreams and impossible dreams?

27 – Are dreams programmed as there are lives plotted in advance, dreams from which one can’t escape, which would be like a gives bad, dreams that would have lost their free will, against whom we have no room for maneuver, which would not be responsible for what they dream, alienated dreams?

28 - Are dreams done to escape?

29 - Why dream and reality are most of the time in contradiction, and that to bear the reality you need to take refuge in dreams and to realize your dreams fight against reality?

30 - Does the fairies grant sweet dreams of children, and if they don’t, does witches in their place predict the bads?

31 - Is there  winners dreams and losers , those which win victories and those who fail, dreams crossing the finish line, and those which don’t have enough muscles?

32 - Are some dreams better trained for reality, are there helped dreams, sponsored, funded and dreams that can't afford, poor dreams and rich dreams?

33 - Does dreams grow older with children?

34 - Does dreams comply with social classification, bourgeois dreams, workers, chiefs dreams, noble dreams , garbage collectors dreams, prisoners, teachers, business, technicians, farmers, caregivers, researchers, or are dreams unclassifiable and don’t belong to any category?

35 - Is a dream come true destroyed, recycled in another dream or does it disappear once it no longer serves, does a dream wich come true still worthwhile?

36 - Does dreams blend such as mixed children, of all colors, religions or countries?

37 - Is there smart dreams and silly dreams, deficient dreams which they are lacking something in their mind and highly gifted dreams?

38 – Does the perfect dream exist, is it the perfect dreams that be realized?

39 - Can a dream generates other dreams?

40 - Is there dreams who take risks and snug dreams refugees within the comfort, revolutionary dreams who go to the battles and conformist dreams who want that nothing changes?

41 - What is risky for dreams, be locked up, shackled, alienated, losing his freedom, being invaded, censored, politicized, recovered, become demagogy, be destroyed or achieved?

42 - Must we master our dream, or should we become slave of it?

43 - Is there a waiting line of dreams, a favorable achieving order, vital priorities, forgot rights, emergencies, others which open doors so you have to dream them first?

44 - What prevents a dream to be carried out if it is technically possible to achieve it?

45 - Does a lot of frothy dreams are better than few dreams of great density, or many dense dreams than few scanty dreams?

46 - Does the place that a dream takes into the brain prevents all abilities to reality to unfold without hindrance?

47 - Is there brave dreams and dreams that are afraid, very very very shy dreams that would happen anyway, megalomaniac dreams that plotz, collapsed dreams and others who recovered after each plunge?

48 - Does some dreams end up giving up for never been realized, is there dreams more tenacious, ambitious, stubborn dreams and dreams that do things by halves, dreams who are waiting behind the windows and others who go to adventure and say whatever, no matter what happens?

49 - Is there disappointed dreams which annoy others, embittered old dreams that prevent going around in circles or make room for the young dreams?

50 - Is there crowned dreams, dreams which carry an aureole, sacred dreams that remain idols and dreams down to earth who desire to wrestle with the reality and accept their future triviality of realized dreams ?

51 - Do we dream the same dreams in a bedroom or living room, in a bed or on a chair, a house or an apartment, a barge or a ship, Venezuela and Germany, in a garden or a cave, a prison or a castle, at home or traveling, when we sleep or when we woke up, next to a loved one or far away from him?

52 - Is there empty dreams, absurd dreams, dreams that would not make sense but that might happen anyway?

53 - Is there  dreams too dense, too heavy as a saturated computer file or an overly complex program that would continually bugs?

54 - Is there awakened dreams and dreams that remain asleep, such as sleeping Beauty dreams forgotten because the prince would never have come to wake her?

55 - What is the difference between dream and prayer, are dreams  the rough drafts of the prayers, do we start dreaming after prayers while waiting for them are realized?

56 - Does some dreams scream louder than others, have charisma and impose themselves even if they are a little rough and coarse, love to talk about themselves and tell the whole truth, or such as the spiders webs, brittle and strong as whispers, they don’t need to be yelled for us to hear them, prefer a small audience and like the mysteries?

57 - Does a dream must follow the rules of art to materialize itself, is it a specific course where we should enter the gates in a certain order and respect a set of scrupulous loads, is there important rituals to honor, magic gestures, or should we forget everything we know to reach it, cross the boundaries, break down barriers, let ourselves be guided, trusting while forcing passages without knowing what they hiding?

58 - Do we may reach our dream without meaning to, as a free gift, or should we bring ourselves to a life of toil, faith and sweat until you have rights to it?

59 - Is the dream carrot for the donkeys?

60 - Is there false dreams, fakers dreams in dreams suit, which are actually disguises, cardboards dreams and true dreams, those who will never betray, which does not sham dreaming?
61 - Does a dream deserves what happens to him?

myriam eyann

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